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solution from a video stream

Nawo Live offers an innovative approach to analyzing MSD risk factors without using sensors.

Thanks to your video recording, you can carry out ergonomic analyses and identify potential problems quickly and easily.

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The advantages and limitations of a solution based on a video stream


Convenience: Eliminating physical sensors makes the motion capture process more convenient and simple for users.

Freedom of movement for the operator: enables more natural and authentic motion capture, which can lead to more accurate analyses.

Objective measurements: the video stream provides objective measurements of body movements, enabling reliable quantitative data to be obtained.


Accuracy limitations: the sensorless approach can sometimes be less accurate. The detection and interpretation of movement is based on algorithms, which may result in less accurate estimates in certain situations.

Sensitivity to environmental conditions: the sensorless approach may be more sensitive to environmental conditions such as lighting or obstacles.

Video recording

Our new video capture solution makes sensors a thing of the past.

You can start an ergonomic analysis with a video taken via your smartphone or any other video device.

Our recommendation: Use a laptop such as a Microsoft Surface Pro, which can be used in the field as a mobile tablet, and in the office as a real computer.

Discover the solution with sensors

Solution with sensors

The Nawo Live solution with cutting-edge technology for your analyses thanks to reliable and precise sensors.

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Licenses are not renewed automatically. A sales engineer will propose an annual review before the license renewal.

Nawo Live is a software installed locally on a computer and does not require an internet connection.

Nawo Live is a software installed locally on a computer, so all data is stored locally and is your property. 

Yes, software updates are included in the annual license fee as well as technical support by phone.

Yes, technical support is available for annual license users via email, phone and live chat.

Nawo Live is a single-user software with an annual licence, so 1 licence = 1 user = 1 computer. However, it is possible to share analyses between several users / licences / computers.