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Musculoskeletal disorders MSD

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) result from soft-tissue injuries due to either sudden or prolonged exposure to repetitive movements, force, vibration, or uncomfortable positions. These conditions can impact the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, and cartilage in the upper and lower limbs, as well as the neck and lower back.

They manifest themselves gradually and can cause pain and discomfort when carrying out his work. Growth of 13% per year has been observed for a decade in Europe.

MSDs have a complex origin, involving factors such as biomechanics, the environment, organization, and psychosocial aspects.

The social and economic impact of MSDs

Occupational diseases

Nearly 50% of MSDs result in serious consequences with significant risks of professional disinsertion.

Accidents at work

MSDs account for 20% of reported work accidents according to the latest figures.

Cost for the company

The direct cost to businesses is almost 2 billion euros per year on average.


MSDs result in 22 million lost work days.
Employee absences disrupt the company’s functioning and lead to reduced productivity.

The MSD risk factors

Risk factors for MSD by INRS

The MSD prevention approach

A MSD prevention approach recommended by INRS

Assessment of MSD risk factors

pictogramme interviews TMS

Interview and questionnaires

Interviews with the operators allow us to know their own vision of their work situation. 

pictogramme observation TMS

Observation method

The methods of data collection and processing from images or observation allow to quantify the risk factors of MSD.

pictogramme evaluation auto TMS

Automated observation method

These methods use new technologies to objectify and automate measurements and analyses using observation methods and ergonomic reference standards.

Need to automate your risk assessment ?

method on NAWO

Automate and objectify your assessment with Nawo Live

Nawo Live is your physical activity risk assessment tool for identifying risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

From Nawo Live, automate and evaluate all biomechanical risk factors using reference methods (RULA, REBA, NIOSH, etc.).

Nawo Live guarantees you a reliability of the measurements acquired by our systems:

  • Automation of MSD risk factor calculations
  • Reliability of acquired data
  • Saves time by analysing thousands of postures
  • Statistics exportable in Excel format providing decision support