EAWS Method

The EAWS method stands for “Ergonomic Assessment Worksheet”. The method was developed in Germany at the University of Darmstadt in order to materialize international standards for manual handling of loads (EN1005 and ISO 11228). The EAWS method is originally an extension of the Automotive Assembly Worksheet (AAWS) developed by IAD on the basis of the “New Production Worksheet”, launched in 1997 by General Motor Europe (GME), and the “designCheck ”, Produced simultaneously at Porsche. The development of the EAWS was carried out between 2006 and 2008 by international experts in occupational health, biomechanical engineering and industrial engineering from around the world, coordinated by the IMD (International MTM directorate).


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The EAWS method of workplace assessment that combines all aspects of manual load handling. It is a combination of posture, strength, weight and repetition. The EAWS method is a holistic system (covering all risk areas) which provides detailed results in four sections:

  • Body postures
  • Action forces
  • Manual handling of materials
  • Upper members

Restrictions and limits

  • The EAWS method was developed from the automotive industry, where one works with defined cycle times.
  • A task is constructed from standardized basic movements such as grasping, moving, walking.
  • Difficult and complex to use manually for measuring and adding posture times.
  • Long and tedious without software tools.