This ergonomic analysis tools provides you with all the tools for a complete analysis of biomechanical risk factors leading to MSDs.

The Ergonomic Toolbox

RULA method PDF

The RULA quotation grid

The RULA grid is a method for evaluating upper limb postures. It highlights the risk of postures related to the observed work cycle. The final RULA score varies from 1 to 7.

The REBA quotation grid

The REBA grid is a whole body postural risk assessment method. It is based on the same scoring principle as RULA. The final REBA score varies from 1 to 15.

Illustration equation de NIOSH

NIOSH equation

The NIOSH equation is an evaluation method for manual material handling tasks. The maximum permissible load can be calculated from the workstation parameters, with the lifting index indicating the level of risk. 

OCRA method

OCRA is a repetition/stress evaluation method for the upper limbs. It allows the analysis of tasks that involve repetitive movements and/or stresses of the upper limbs.

IMG titre EAWS

EAWS method

The EAWS method is an evaluation method that combines aspects of posture, load handling and repetition. This method is used for proper organisation/work planning.

method on NAWO

Your custom rule for an ergonomic analysis

Nawo Live is your physical activity risk assessment tool for identifying risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

From Nawo Live, automate and evaluate all biomechanical risk factors using reference methods (RULA, REBA, NIOSH, etc.).

Nawo Live guarantees you a reliability of the measurements acquired by our systems:

  • Automation of MSD risk factor calculations
  • Reliability of acquired data
  • Saves time by analysing thousands of postures
  • Statistics exportable in Excel format providing decision support