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Solution with sensors

Nawo Live uses cutting-edge technology to analyze risk factors linked to MSDs, thanks to reliable and precise sensors.

Objective data to improve the health, safety and performance of your employees is available thanks to the Nawo solution.

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The advantages and limitations of a sensor solution


Precision: Inertial units provide detailed data on angles, speeds and accelerations, enabling precise assessment of movements and postures.

Real-time tracking: Real-time tracking of movements is available, enabling immediate assessment of postures and gestures. Users can obtain instant, live feedback.

Objective measurements: Sensors provide objective measurements of body movements, providing reliable quantitative data.

Suitable for all environments: Regardless of the working environment and the constraints associated with environmental conditions, sensors remain the most reliable system, resisting constraints such as brightness or angle of capture.


Cost: Inertial measurement systems can be relatively expensive, especially when it comes to high-quality models with advanced features. This may limit their accessibility for certain organizations or individuals on a limited budget.

User training: The use of inertial units often requires an initial learning and configuration phase. Users need to be trained on how to use the tools and attach the sensors.


Perception Neuron 3 is the smallest wireless motion capture system in the world.

The data transmission is done directly from the motion capture sensors to the USB C receiver to be taken into account in the Nawo Live software.

Battery life: 5 hours
Charging time: 1 hour
Weight per sensor : 4.1g

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Discover the solution from a video stream

Solution with video stream

The Nawo Live solution, with its innovative sensorless approach to ergonomic analysis based on a video stream.

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Licenses are not renewed automatically. A sales engineer will propose an annual review before the license renewal.

Nawo Live is a software installed locally on a computer and does not require an internet connection.

Nawo Live is a software installed locally on a computer, so all data is stored locally and is your property. 

Yes, software updates are included in the annual license fee as well as technical support by phone.

Yes, technical support is available for annual license users via email, phone and live chat.

Nawo Live is a single-user software with an annual licence, so 1 licence = 1 user = 1 computer. However, it is possible to share analyses between several users / licences / computers.