Your Ergo Simulation tool to quantify MSDs risk factors

Discover our product offer and get all the information you need to equip yourself with the most efficient MSD evaluation tool currently on the market.

The Software

Nawo Live is ergonomic analysis software that allows you to quantify and estimate several risk factors according to ergonomics tools and norms.

The Hardware


Perception Neuron 3 is the world’s smallest wireless motion capture system.

Take Perception Neuron 3 with you, whereever you go. Our strap based system and wireless sensors make the world your motion capture stage. Data transmission takes place directly from the motion capture sensors to the USB C receiver.

Our revolutionary design offers our most robust solution to date.

The Computer

We recommend a laptop such as a Microsoft Surface Pro 8 to be used in the field as a tablet with great mobility and in the office as a real computer. It also has a rear camera for easy filming.


What we recommend as optimal integration for the use of Nawo Live and PN3 on site.

Working mode

During the ergonomic field assessment.

The dongle and transceiver must be connected for the duration of the evaluation.

In this example, the transceiver (USB-C) is connected directly to the Microsoft Surface Pro 8 and the dongle (USB-A) is connected to a USB-C male > USB-A female hub adapter. The adapter is attached to the computer with Velcro.

A USB-C adapter is also provided in the kit for the transceiver (see Body Kit above).

*We recommend a 3 USB-A Hub. Here with a practical HDMI port to present your results on the big screen.

Charging mode

Before / After the ergonomic field assessment

Chaging Mode

*Do not exceed 5V for sensor charging.

The 3 cables for the USB-C male > USB-A male charging boxes are supplied in the kit.

In this example, the 3 USB-C > USB-A are connected to the USB-A Hub (3) and USB-C (1) connected to the Microsoft Surface 8.

*We recommend a 3 USB-A Hub. Here with a practical HDMI port to present your results on the big screen.


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